Excerpt from her book "If You Had Heard My Voice.

​Monica's books are out and now available on Amazon/Kindle and print!  Launched this March "The Tracks"  a new book of healing poetry, art and lyrics with a focus on the homelessness dilemma in our country. Available now  on Amazon.com soon on Apple I Books.

Coming this Spring! Mothers and Daughters another book of poetry, lyrics and art.

Meet the Artist... Musician... Author... Educator... Monica Nagle

For all this art within my soul.  Is much more than I dare to hold.  To keep my heart's desire and then expect to live in splendor when... I can't contain the thoughts that come... I must release them one by one....

Monica  Nagle

Arts and wellness are an expression of the soul through creative process... Imagine a performance of original new folk and blues music while the audience interprets their experience on paper.  Monica Nagle has been a poet, painter, singer-songwriter and recording artist for 41 years.  Originally from Buffalo, New York, her commitment to socially conscious writing, the "Peace Movement" and community economic development in the arts led her to create "The Art of Living" program, using the arts as a tool to bring together youth, professional artists and community.  A soulful, passionate performer who is unforgettable, she now calls the New Hampshire  seacoast Home!